Who is Cornerstone Church?

Who is Cornerstone Church?

OUR Vision

Love God and Love All People

Our Mission

To Glorify God


To connect people to God, to the body, to a ministry, and to the world.

Values of High Importace

Cornerstone places importance on the following values:
1. Our relationship to God.
2. The Word of God.
3. Character development.
4. Fruitfulness.
5. Spiritual gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit.


In 1997, Cornerstone joined what is now mPact Churches (formerly Grace Church International/Grace Presbytery). mPact Churches provides oversight for Cornerstone and is a mentoring movement united to plan, assess, coach, and train leaders for maximum impact, and to develop “impact churches.”


We see Cornerstone Community Church as being characterized by C.A.R.E. We place high value upon caring relationships for the purpose of demonstrating our love for God. John 14:15, 15:12-14. We do not exist in a vacuum, but recognize that we owe much to what God has done before in various movements within the Christian faith. We feel that the following terms (whose initials you can see spell C.A.R.E.) outline important characteristics we’ve inherited from God’s work in history.


By charismatic we mean that we are committed to the present-day demonstration of the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, as outlined in Acts and in 1 Corinthians. We encourage their exercise in our public and private worship, as the Spirit inspires and directs their use in a Biblically-consistent and orderly manner.


We understand that we are called not only to win unbelievers to Christ, but also to equip the church to reproduce itself in other locations. The original apostles were missionaries whose objective was to see churches planted. Although no man since the original Twelve, however gifted, is adding to the authoritative Scriptures, we see that the apostolic gift, as in Barnabas and others, is functional today.


We share a common commitment to the truths that were reclaimed by the Reformation. This is not to say that we wish to perpetuate the divisions aroused by the disputes of the movement, nor to slight our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. It is to say, however, that we are convinced of the primacy of the Doctrines of Grace. These include: the need for God’s grace to draw us and convince us of the truth of the Gospel; that justification is received by faith, and that good works will follow our reception of the Gospel; and that because of the sufficiency of God’s grace, we will be kept and be able to endure to the end. Moreover, we hold to the absolute and governing authority of the Bible: the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are to have the final say on the truth or falsity of any claim, whether it be doctrinal, or come through personal illumination.


We are committed to the proclamation of the Gospel as the means God has chosen to use to win those who are separated from Himself. This also describes our commitment to the importance of taking assertive steps in witnessing, through actions and verbal confession, to lead others to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.