Revolutionary Love 2 

What are some of the things that we can do to show “Revolutionary Love”?

·      Pay for someone’s meal or a portion of it in the drive through behind you (double impact).

·       Pay for someone’s meal or a portion of it in a restaurant.

·        Pay for someone’s groceries or a portion of them at the grocery store.

·        Bake a neighbor some cookies.

·        Buy flowers for the check-out lady at the store you frequent.

·        Buy gift cards and walk through the mall and give them away (Starbucks gift cards, restaurant gift cards, Barnes and Noble gift cards, etc.)

·        Pay for someone’s gas or part of it.

·        Take 40 balloons and go to a nursing home and give out balloons as you talk with people.

·        Give away a gift certificate to get a haircut or hair style.

·        Rake someone’s leaves or cut someone’s grass.

·        Help someone get groceries to their car (not at night).

Make sure you leave one of our church business cards every time you do a “Revolutionary Love 2” act of kindness so that they will know the church body that you represent. Then go to the church Facebook page or email the church and tell your story (if you do not have internet, you can call the church office and give your testimony on the voicemail). 



Pastor Taylor:

Good morning! When you did the first sermon and I heard about the how Stella left coins at the laundry mat I thought, “I can do that.” During the next week, I had actual money and one of the guys had a box full of quarters from his daughter so I bought them off of him. It turns out there was $11.00 in quarters which I intended to split up and leave at a couple of different laundry matts. I even started to leave some at the one on Wards Road but it just didn’t feel right. I kept holding the box of quarters, which I intended to round up to $15.00 because I didn’t want to take it down to $10.00 and I kept thinking about what to do with the quarters.

During the week I couldn’t decide what to do for lunch so I ended up at one of the three places to eat in Concord, which happens to be a convenience store. As I was leaving, an older car pulled in and a man got out of the car using a walker. I started to offer to help him but he didn’t need it however. The Holy Spirit rose up inside me and said, “Those are the ones.” So while the man was inside, I went to my car, pulled out the box of quarters, put one of the Cornerstone cards in it and gave it to the woman in the car. I don’t know what she thought about getting $11.00 in quarters. Approaching a stranger in a parking lot with money isn’t something I would normally do, but I wasn’t about to go through the Arby’s thing again so I guess God prepared me for this too. 

Linda Meadows (July 20, 2015) 


Pastor Taylor:

I had no idea what I was going to do to share Revolutary Love over the next two months. I prayed about it but nothing was coming to mind. The I went out to dinner with a friend adn decided I would pay for her meal. She wasn't expecting it and I was happy I had an unplanned opportunity to share Revolutionary Love. Two days later I was at PetSmart and an acquaintance I saw there padi for everything in my cart that I was purchasing! It was a complete surprise and such a blessing! The following week I paid for the lunch of a young lady who did not have enough cash when she was in front of me paying for her food. I thought, "This is another good opportunity to share Revolutionary Love". A few days later I was out running errands for work, and because of circumstances that were out of my control, I had skipped lunch. At the time I had just picked up Mrs. Annie Mae Dolsey and I decided to stop and get a sandwich before heading back to work. I quickly realized i didn't have any cash because I had used it to pay for this young lady's meal. So I said I wasn't going to stop anymore. Mrs. Dolsey then handed me a 10 dollar bill which was the exact amount I had paid for the young lady's meal! Twice now I have shared Revolutionary Love and have twice received it in return!

Brandy Taylor (July 31, 2015)



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