Wednesday Night Bible Study NEW Series!

Join us this every Wednesday night as we are going through a new series on "End Time Events and the Bible". 

What happened before and after Y2K, why is that important? We will focus on the two main views of the end time. We will discover what the bible says about the end times such as antichrist, rapture of the church, Matthew chapter 24, and what it means towards the end times. We will look at what difference does it make what we believe about the end time? Learn how we should live with this knowledge. We will look at the history of end time events in the past, what it mean for the future. We will learn, how do we determine the best view, and how to live no matter what view one believes that is in line with God's word. We will look at the “Left Behind” Series as the basic foundation end time view and learn what the Bible say.

You don’t want to miss it! The Bible study begins at 7:00pm and ends at 8:15PM at Cornerstone Community Church. Please contact Sam Dolsey at if you have any questions or need childcare. 


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This Saturday! Join us this Saturday, April 27th, for our prophetic class. This class is led by Elder Sam Dolsey. All age groups are welcome to join us from 9am to 12pm here at Cornerstone in classroom #6 and childcare is available upon request by contacting the church office.

Wednesday Night Bible Study! Join us every Wednesday night for our current series on “End Time Events and the Bible”. The Bible study meets here at Cornerstone from 7:00pm to 8:15pm in classroom #6.